Dansk Varmblods Hoppestambog - the printed mare stud book

Until 2013 the "Hoppestambog" was printed each year during winter and contained pedigree and a diversity of lists of the mares graded in the previous year. They are numbered, and the Hoppestambog comprises the newly graded mares as well as the 40-60 new elite mares and a few competition medals from the previous year.

Hoppestambogen - the printed mare stud book
Hoppestambogen - the printed mare stud book

The "Hoppestambog" was written in Danish, and there were photos of the few gold medal mares and some of the horses awarded competition medals for their winning perfprmances on international level.

To our Danish breeders this book was a good and informtive supplement to broaden their knowledge on how the different stallions are breeding, and if there are similarities in thieir judgments etc. From 2013 and onwards we recommend the use of the electronical Horse database.

For breeding advice for our breeders abroad, please refer to Christina Brogaard Lund

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