Dansk Varmblod - the Danish Warmblood Society (DWB)

Vilhelmsborg is just south of Aarhus in Central Jutland, Denmark
Vilhelmsborg is just south of Aarhus in Central Jutland, Denmark

Dansk Varmblod (Danish Warmblood) is Denmark’s largest horse breeding federation with more than 5000 members. Throughout the year many members’ activities, tests and selections are arranged. Only the best horses are approved for breeding. In this way progress and quality are guaranteed.

The main office of Dansk Varmblod is situated at the Vilhelmsborg Manor in eastern Jutland
Danish horse breeders are highly trained experts
Danes have been breeding horses for centuries and have always been among the best in the world. This tradition and know-how continue in Dansk Varmblod. Danish horse breeders are very knowledgeable, and Dansk Varmblod constantly provides them with opportunities to update their knowledge. This also helps to guarantee that the Danish Warmblood horse maintains its high quality.

From the beginning, the overall objective of Dansk Varmblod has been to breed successful competition horses. This has been achieved in only a very short time by mating native Danish mares with stallions from Europe=s best bloodlines, and as a result Dansk Varmblod has become one of the leading riding horse breeding associations in the world. This success has been possible because:

Horse breeding is one of the traditional activities in Danish agriculture, and Danish farmers are well-known for their consistently high standards of husbandry

Denmark has one of the most stringent stallion selection procedures in Europe today

Danish breeders have shown great foresight and initiative in their willingness to invest in proven bloodlines from neighbouring countries, and have used their knowledge to combine these bloodlines to create one of the best breeds of riding horse in the world

Danish breeders have always understood the importance of combining experience and traditional knowledge with being receptive to new scientific results.
Wonderful horse days
The two most important breeding events of the year are the Elite Mare show in late summer and the The National Stallion Show in March. At the Elite Mare show and the National Stallion Show the most outstanding Danish horses are shown. The stallion licensing also includes the prestigeous Young Horse Championship, Elite auction, Horse & Rider tack fair, breathtaking gala shows and dressage and jumping competitions for breedsires.

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