Number One Dressage Studbook in the World?

The Dutch horse breeding magazine "Horse Genetics" has published a studbook ranking which differs from the WBFSH ranking by including the number of foals born in each studbook - and divided into the diciplines of dresssage, jumping and eventing. This ranking showed a very interesting tendency

No. 1 in Dressage: Danish Warmblood

As an alternative to the well-known WBFSH rankings for studbooks Dutch equestrian journalist and owner of the magazine "Horse Genetics", Jac Remijnse, has worked out a new ranking. An alternative ranking which he also claims is much more fair and which more realistically reflects the real facts.

The tendency in the traditional rankings is that the larger studbooks, which produce the most foals per year, stand a much better chance to make it to the top of the rankings. One single high performing horse can make a huge difference for a studbook if you only count the FEI points. That is why Jac Remijnse chose to make a different ranking - one that compares the competitions results to the number of foals produced in each studbook.

This method has resulted in a ranking which shows that the big producers are not necessarily the strongest producers.

Danish Warmblood has claimed a third place in WBFSH studbook rankings in dressage for a number of years with KWPN and the Hanoverian studbook ahead of them. However, the alternative dressage ranking reveals that Danish Warmblood has the highest percentage of foals actually making in into international top sport- in other words the highest success rate in dressage.

Photo: Individual and team medal winner at the Olympics, WEG and the Europeans: Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Højris (DWB).

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