Rules for ability test

Fiontina by Fassbinder at a dressage test. Photo by
Fiontina by Fassbinder at a dressage test. Photo by

The 6-7 regional ability tests are held in October and November at in-door facilities, and only 4-year-old DWB's registered at birth as a Danish Warmblood may enter. In Norway one qualification is held. The finals are called the Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championships and they take place in Herning as part of the National Stallion Show in March the following year.

A dressage horse must be shown in trot, canter and walk, and the scores given are for those three gaits + rideability and capacity in the movement. There is no test rider in the qualification, but in Herning, if it is qualified for the finals in March, a test rider will give his scores as well.

Capona at a showjumping test. Photo by
Capona at a showjumping test. Photo by

The jumper horse is shown jumping a small parcours and the scores given are for canter, rideability, technique & scope in jumping with own rider.

To pass the test the minimum total score is 700 p. In order to be qualified for Herning in the dressage discipline, he must be one of the 35 best in Denmark - this is calculated shortly after the last ability test, and reserves are listed up as well. Most often a total score of at least 800-850 has been necessary in order to qualify for Herning, but this varies each year. From Norway the best horse in each discipline is qualified if it scores at least 800,0 p. at its own regional test in Norway.
The total score is found through an average x 100 in dressage, and for jumping, a weighted average is used. The scores given are from 0-10 with 10 as the highest.

A horse can only enter one qualification. For further clarification on rules, please contact our main office on Tel.: 0045 87 47 54 00.

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