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All Auction Foals have been testet for ”WFFS”24-08-2018 - 14:11

The 65 foals which comprise the Danish Warmblood Elite Foal Auction have all been tested for the genetic mutation WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome), and the test results will be made available prior to the auction

On Saturday 25 August at Vilhelmsborg Danish Warmblod will be conducting the Elite Foal Auction of 65 high-quality foals which have been carefully selected with emphasis on performance pedigree, conformation and movement. The Auction Committee looks forward to presenting one of the best collections ever.
All foals have undergone a health examination and DNA parentage verification. The auction is sponsored by insurance company, Dansk Hesteforsikring who makes sure that a foal purchased on the Danish Warmblod Elite Foal Auction is insured at the knock-down price the first seven days after the auction and within the Danish borders.


Progressive WFFS policy
One of Danish Warmblood's greatest values is openness, and therefore the association has chosen to lead the way and state the WFFS status on all colts and fillies sold at Danish Warmblood auctions. Thus, the 65 elite auction foals have been tested, and the result shows that approximately 10% of the foals have tested positive to WFFS which corresponds to the presumed percentage of gene carriers in the total population of warmblood horses.
– The most important thing for us is to play with open cards, and fortunately all the breeders have supported us in testing the foals. We do not consider it a big problem that some of the foals are WFFS positive, as it has no influence on their sport potential, and not necessarily has any impact on their breeding either, says Danish Warmblood Director Casper Cassøe and adds that the WFFS status for each foal will be listed prior to the auction on Saturday.


WFFS positive horses are 100% healthy
It is important to keep in mind that no horses are sick of WFFS. There are only healthy gene carriers. WFFS is a gene mutation inherited recessively which means that it only shows when both parents are carriers of the gene.
A horse carrying the WFFS gene is a 100% healthy horse. If you want to breed with a horse that carries the gene, just make sure to breed it to a mare or stallion that is WFFS negative. In such case, there is 50% chance that the foal will be WFFS negative and 50% chance that the foal will be WFFS positive.
When both parents are carriers of the gene, there is 25% chance that the foal does not inherit the gene from any of the parents. At the same time, there is 50% chance that the foal inherits the gene from one of the parents and thus will be a healthy gene carrier, and finally there is a 25% chance that the gene will be inherited from both parents, meaning that the foal will be stillborn or die immediately after birth.


Practical information about the auction
The Elite Foal Auction will be live streamed at www.clipmyhorse.de which improves the conditions for buying over the phone. In order to make a telephone bid, an agreement should be reached with the Danish Warmblood Secretariat by 25 August by contacting auktion@varmblod.dk.
The auction foals will be shown at. 14.30 - 15.15 on Saturday 25 of August during the Danish Warmblood KRAFT Elite Show at Vilhelmsborg. The action stable will be open at 15.30 - 16.30 offering the opportunity to check the auction foals. The auction will take place the same day at 19:00.

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