Foals of the Year in Danish Warmblood 02-09-2014 - 15:03

On Saturday August 31st a four-leaf clover of foals has been awarded titles in the Horsebook Foal Finals at the Danish Warmblood’s EQUSANA Elite Show... Læs mere

Successful breeders of best 2-year-old jumper filly 26-09-2013 - 14:12

In the first final of Sunday’s final at the Danish Warmblood EQUSANA Elite Show the 2-year-old Jumper Filly of the Year was proclaimed. The judges chose a mare from a breeder who is familiar with it all – Stald Hip-Hop also bred the best 2-year-old jumper filly last year... Læs mere

Cleo VH is Jumper Mare of the Year 26-09-2013 - 14:10

At the Danish Warmblood Elite Show the judges chose the 3-year-old mare Cleo VH as Jumping Mare of the Year in Danish Warmblood 2013... Læs mere

Stigma’s hat trick 26-09-2013 - 14:08

“Stigma” is the name of the Dressage Mare of the Year in Danish Warmblood. Stigma is used to doing laps of honour as she has previously been proclaimed Dressage Filly Foal of the Year and 2-year-old Dressage Filly... Læs mere

Complete in every sense 26-09-2013 - 14:03

The 2-year-old Dressage Filly of the Year was appointed this afternoon, and among the six fillies in the final, the judges chose a daughter of Tailormade Temptation; “Højgaardens Miss Magnifique”. The judges found the filly to be complete in every sense... Læs mere

Top modern and strong moving dressage foals 26-09-2013 - 14:01

In the finals of dressage foal at Danish Warmblood EQUSANA Elite Show the two winning titles were claimed by foals with excellent canter movement... Læs mere

Jumping Foals with Excellent Canter 26-09-2013 - 13:58

In the finals for jumping foals at the Danish Warmblood EQUSANA Elite Show two foals with excellent canter claimed the winning titles  ... Læs mere

Time Table for the Elite Mare- and Foal Show 2013 05-09-2013 - 08:01

An exciting week-end can be expected on Vilhelmsborg south of Aarhus featuring the very best colts and fillies born 2013 in Denmark along with the highlights of the regional shows of 2-year-old fillies, followed by the cream of the saddle-graded mares of 3 years and up. ... Læs mere

Top modern 2-year-old fillies 11-09-2012 - 14:54

Among 28 two-year-old fillies, 18 dressage and 10 jumping bred, the judges were to appoint two champion fillies at the Danish Warmblood Elite Show this weekend.... Læs mere

Reserve became champion foal 11-09-2012 - 14:38

The 42 foals qualified for the Danish Warmblood Elite Show were reduced to only 11 finalists after the judges’ first evaluation. These 11 foals, four jumping and seven dressage foals, were to compete for the four champion titles.... Læs mere

Five new gold medal mares 10-09-2012 - 11:25

At the 50th anniversary show Danish Warmblood added five new mares to the collection of gold medal mares. Two jumping mares and three dressage mares were decorated with the coveted gold medal. A total of 65 breeder’s medals were awarded – 34 bronze, 26 silver and five gold medals.... Læs mere

Time table for Elite Mare Show 06-09-2012 - 15:24

Click and see the time table of the Elite Mare Show 2012 at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus, this week-end.... Læs mere

The very best at Vilhelmsborg 31-08-2012 - 14:58

Around 300 mares, foals and young sport horses will play the key roles at the Danish Warmblood EQUSANA Elite Show 2012 taking place at Vilhelmsborg on September 7th-9th... Læs mere

Program at Elite Mare Show 2012 21-06-2012 - 15:23

The great summer horse festival of the DWB year is the Elite Mare Show. It takes place on Vilhelmsborg just south of Aarhus on September 7th -9th 2012.... Læs mere

Seven new gold medal mares 13-09-2011 - 09:46

51 newly graded mares were awarded breeder medals at the Dansk Varmblod PAVO Elite Show 9-11 September at Vilhelmsborg. Seven mares were selected for the champion ring.... Læs mere

Elite Foal Auction: Several foals sold abroad 13-09-2011 - 09:29

At our Elite Foal Auction on 10th September 2011 at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus, the top foal achieved a price of 165,000 DKK. Several of the most expensive foals sold to Sweden and Norway.... Læs mere

Champion foals of the year 12-09-2011 - 13:25

Danish Warmblood Elite Show 9-11 September at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus The Danish Warmblood judges were presented with a very high level of quality in the foal final. ... Læs mere

2-year old fillies at Vilhelmsborg 12-09-2011 - 13:20

Danish Warmblood Elite Show 9-11 September at Vilhelmsborg, Aarhus The Danish Warmblood PAVO Elite Show takes place 9-11 September at Vilhelmsborg and hosts the national finals for Danish Warmblood foals, 2-year-old fillies and newly graded mares.... Læs mere

Dansk Hesteforsikring Youngster Cup 26-08-2011 - 10:33

Backed up by our loyal sponsor, the assurance company Dansk Hesteforsikring, Dansk Varmblod happily presents the exciting Dansk Hesteforsikring Youngster Cup for the crème de la crème of Danish Warmbloods of 6 and 7 years in jumping and dressage.... Læs mere

Auction collection is online 23-08-2011 - 13:15

Take a look at videos and pedigrees of our Elite Foal Auction collection already now.... Læs mere

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