Stein Endresen and Crelido DVE 752
Stein Endresen and Crelido DVE 752

Elite breedsire 2008.
Approved for the Danish Warmblood Showjumper Program

Judge and spokesman of Dansk Varmblod's breeding committee, Poul Graugaard, said the following about Crelido during the prize giving:

"In the breed Crelido has indeed put a mark in the jumping section as well as the dressage bloodlines with leggy, expressive progeny with very good functionality. He has had 6 sons pre-selected to the National Stallion Show through the years, and nine mares have been awarded breeders' medals, among those one gold medal. He has had a dressage winner at the DWB Young Horse Championships and his progeny have represented Denmark at international competitions like the WBCYH in Verden and Zangersheide.

As 5-year-old he won the national championship for jumpers with the score 10 for rideability. His ultimate success in the sport was revealed when he got the Olympic rider Stein Endresen as rider and the couple has been very successful on the international scene the last years."

Far: CALIDO I (DE321210301691) FF: CANTUS (DE321210128881) FFF: CALETTO I (DE321210604175)
FFM: MONOLINE (DE321210111775)
FM: BARONESS VII (DE321210077987) FMF: CORIANDER (DE321210020582)
FMM: KOLLET (DE321210214073)
Mor: BORIA (DE321210025187) MF: RAIMONDO (DE321210036880) MFF: RAIMOND (DE321210380760)
MFM: EIKE (DE321210437603)
MM: VORIA (DE321210070383) MMF: CANTARES (DE321210019577)
MMM: PALKURA (DE321210045078)

Presented by

Dansk Varmblod


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