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Stallion of the Year 2020: Sezuan08-03-2020 - 18:45

Unfortunately, in absentia, the triple world champion for young dressage horses, Sezuan was proclaimed  Danish Warmblood Stallion of the Year 2020

The 11-year old stallion Sezuan is a black pearl in Danish breeding, and he has stamped his territory far beyond the Danish borders as the sire of numerous licenseds stallions and young sport horses that are successful in national as well as international championships throughout Europe.


Sezuan is out of Bøgegården’s very strong and proven dam line with the elite mare Lajka in fourth generation. This dam line has produced several licensed stallions and highly decorated mares as well as many elite mares. Sezuan’s enormous impact in breeding does not come out of nowhere. His dame, the gold medal mare Bøgegårdens Don Romina by Blue Hors Don Schufro was crowned as Mare of the Year 2006 as the best of all 3-year old performance tested mares in Danish Warmblood. Sezuan is a product of what is often referred to in Danish breeding as the “golden cross” – Blue Hors Zack combined with Donnerhall blood.


Andreas Helgstrand owned Bøgegårdens Don Romina and bred her to Blue Hors Romanov and Blue Hors Zack before he sold the pregnant mare to Linette Jæger who then registered the foal to be sired by Romanov, but DNA later on proved the black colt to be by Zack. As a 3-year-old Sezuan was presented for licensing by Helgstrand Dressage, and later that year at the stallion performance test he broke all former records by achieving ten times the score of 10, and the following year he was the undisputed star and champion stallion of the licensing in Herning in 2013. In February 2014, the German dressage stable and stallion station Peterhof, owned by Arlette Jasper-Kohl and prof. Edwin Kohl, purchased the Danish bred stallion.


In the hands of the German top rider Dorothee Schneider, Sezuan has been undefeated in the FEI/WBFSH World Young Hors Championships and was the first in history to win gold in all three age groups. Dorothee Schneider has said repeatedly: “I have never ridden a horse of the quality of Sezuan”.

Today, the stallion is trained under the saddle of Swedish top rider Patrik Kittel. Neither Sezuan nor his owners were able to be present in Herning to be honoured, but they produced a video that was shown on the big screen enabling the audience in Herning to get a glimps of Sezuan’s current training level with Kittel.

As a 4-year-old Sezuan was honoured with Aage Ravns challenge cup as the best performance tested DWB dressage stallion and in 2017 he was awarded HRH Princess Benedikte’s challenge cup for his unique and outstanding performances, and now he has achieved the ultimate honour in Dansk Varmblod as Stallion of the Year.


European sire

– Sezuan stamps his offspring worldwide with a remarkable label of quality. In Danish Warmblood alone he has sired three 338 foals, but he has influenced dressage horse breeding far beyond the Danish borders, said spokesman of the breeding committee, Claus Hansen in his honouring speach.

Sezuan has a fantastic mind and superior basic gaits which are traits that he passes on to his progeny. A clear and visible evidence is the fact that he tops the Danish Warmblood breeding value ranking for dressage stallions with a very superior indeks of 155.

73 of his daughters are graded in Danish Warmblood and nothin less than 82% are grading in the main studbook. 19 of these mares, in other words 26% his graded daughters, have been award a breeder medal. 10 bronze, six silver and three of the absolute highest carat, the gold medal and highest distinction which has been granted Queenparks Wendy, Gozzip and Schwarze Schwalbe Macohl.

Sezuan has also produced many licensed stallions and among his approved son are four fully licensed in Danish Warmblood, Janeiro Platinum, So Unique, Suarez and Tørveslettens Sylvester.

His offspring have dominated the Danish young horse championships in recent years, and on an international level his success as a sire is equally strong as two 5-year-olds claimed medals at the world championships in Ermelo last year where the licensed stallion Secret won silver and the Danish gold medal mare Queenparks Wendy took bronze.

– He is still on top of the breeding game and we hope that he will be available for many years ahead, Claus Hansen stressed.



DWB Stallion of the Year 1998-2020


1998                    Lucky Light DVE 366

1999                    Midt-West Ibi-Light DVE 360

2000                    Schwadroneur DVE 343

2001                    Lando DH 430

2002                    Come Back II DVE 560

2003                    Blue Hors Don Schufro DVE 690

2004                    Carano DVE 521

2005                    Solos Landtinus DVE 674

2006                    Michellino DVE 542

2007                    Blue Hors Hertug DVE 700

2008                    Casir Ask DVE 497

2009                    Cajus DVE 634

2010                    Blue Hors Don Romantic DVE 801

2011                    Blue Hors Romanov DVE 818

2012                    Crelido DVE 752

2013                    Heartbeat DVH 871

2014                    Blue Hors Zack DVE 943

2015                    Bøgegårdens Apollo DVE 767

2016                    Blue Hors Hotline DVE 916

2017                    Favorit Ask DVE 1035

2018                    Fürstenball DVE 1021

2019                    Skovens Rafael DVE 930

2020                    Sezuan DVE 1110


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