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The Grand Finale in Herning 201904-01-2019 - 11:03

Every year in March the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing in Herning becomes the grand finale of the European licensing season as many of the best colts from the foreign licensings are purchased by Danes, and the forthcoming licensing will be no exception.

At the pre-selections in December 50 colts were selected for Herning, and together with approximately 20 young stallions already approved abroad and purchased by Danish stallion keepers they will comprise the complete of young stallions for licensing approval at the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing in Herning which takes place in week 10 every year. This year, the dates are 6-10 March 2019.

Of the 50 pre-selected colts, 20 are show jumpers (40%) and 30 are dressage colts (60%). It is estimated that 30% of the Danish Warmblood population in show jumping horses and 70% dressage horses. Apart from the young stallions approximately 30+ stallions are expected to enter for the heats comprising stallions of 4 years and older.


Through the eye of a needle

Spokesman of the Danish Warmblood licensing committee, Claus Hansen claims that the judges are very content with the youngsters they have been presented with at the pre-selections. The overall quality is high, and it is obvious that the breeders and stallion owners already have made a thorough selection at home.

– The quality of the presented colts is of such high level that we can make demands on all parameters such as pedigree, type, stallion look and functionality. Therefore, I find it important to stress that the colts that we have selected for Herning have already passed a narrow eye of a needle, the spokesman comments. 

We are dealing with a small crop of colts from 2016, and therefore the licensing committee appreciates that most individuals represented consolidated dam lines and interesting combinations of bloodlines and with a sufficient genetic variety, even amongst the dressage colts.

– We have seen some very well-functioning show jumping colts this year and it may seem as if we have selected more show jumpers than normally, but it is a fact that the colts imported from the foreign licensings are exclusively bred for dressage, and consequently, the division of the two breeding directions will be similar to previous years, says Claus Hansen.

He is confident that we will see a remarkably good collection of young stallions in Herning, and that it will result in an exquisite collection of approved stallions on the last day of the licensing.


Danish bred show jumpers

Out of the 20 show jumping colts that have been selected for Herning nothing less than 18 are home-bred whilst one is born in Norway and one in Belgium. In terms of bloodlines the 20 colts cover a wide field of sires such as Cornet Obolensky, Stakkato Gold, Dakar, Eldorado van de Zeshoek and not least Kannan, Cornettino Ask, Party Dance and Bøgegårdens Gladiola with two sons each.

The licensing committee first evaluates the colts free in the arena and then in free-jumping before the first selection. The selected ones are then shown on hard surface, and eventually, they are shown in lunge lines.

Overall the show jumping colts were of modern type and not too developed for 2.5-year-olds, and the licensing committee considers the collection to have a good potential to bloom in Herning.


Donkey Boy’s first crop

On all three pre-selection sites sons of Hesselhøj Donkey Boy were selected, and he stands as sire of five out of the 30 dressage colts that got their ticket for Herning. Donkey Boys seems to stamp his sons very clearly with his own noble and modern type.

Grand Galaxy Win who has recently been sold to the USA, got three very well-functioning sons selected for the stallion licensing, and gives the impression that he has positive impact on refined types and very good movement.

Sires Blue Hors First Choice, Bøgegårdens Santiago, Floriscount, Fürstenball and Sir Donnerhall I each got two sons through to Herning.


An outstanding 40th anniversary lot

At the pre-selection the dressage colts are first shown free and then the judges make their pick as to which colts will be shown on hard surface and in lunge lines before they make their final decision. Dressage judges Claus Hansen, Bjarne Nielsen and Johnny Sørensen are all thrilled with the collection of dressage colts which includes some outstanding individuals that would adorn any European stallion licensing and make it to the forefront. Therefore, they predict that this collection of colts could lift the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing to a new level.

As a matter of fact, the DWB stallion licensing 2019 takes place in MCH Messecenter Herning for the 40th time, and therefore, the event will mark its 40th anniversary this year. It sure looks as if the young stallions selected for Herning are able to make it a very special year at the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing.

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