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Danish Warmblood horses selected for Ermelo19-07-2019 - 11:12

The Danish member studbooks of WBFSH are allowed to send four horses of each age category to the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Ermelo, the Netherlands, and they have selected 12 Danish Warmbloods.


Out of the 12 Danish Warmbloods two are by Blue Hors Zack, two by his son Sezuan and one by his son Zonik. On top of this, Sezuan is the sire of two reserves and Blue Hors Zack one reserve.




  • Elverhøjs Raccolto by Sezuan x Sandro Hit. Rider: Meike Lang
  • Queenparks Wendy (gold medal mare) by Sezuan x BH Soprano. Rider: Andreas Helgstrand
  • Søgaards Bon Royal by Bon Bravour x De Noir. Rider: Camilla Ahlers Pedersen
  • Skovens Tzarina (gold medal mare and Mare of the Year 2017) by BH Zack x BH Don Schufro. Rider: Betina Jæger
  • 1st reseve Zidan-DN by Sezuan x BH Future Cup. Rider: Betina Jæger
  • 2nd reseve Tørveslettens Sylvester by Sezuan x Stedinger. Rider: Severo Jurado Lopez




  • Baunehøjens Carpaccio by Charmeur x Kermo’s White Talisman. Rider: Anette Ejlersgaard
  • Lindballe's Just Perfect by Johnson x De Niro. Rider: Ann-Christin Wienkamp
  • Zhaplin Langholt by Zonik x Stedinger. Rider: Andreas Helgstrand
  • Straight Horse Ascenzione (silver medal mare) by BH Zack x BH Don Schufro. Rider: Helen Langehanenberg
  • 1st reseve Atterupgaards DeLorean by Bon Bravour x Sandro Hit. Rider: Selina Solberg Vittinghus
  • 2nd reseve Azett Lynghøjgaard by BH Zack x Schwadroneur. Rider: Kenneth Damgaard




  • Nikitaro by BH Romanov x BH Don Romantic. Rider: Ditte Mikkelsen
  • Hesselhøj Donkey Boy by ERA Dancing Hit x Milan. Rider: Jan Møller Christensen
  • UNO Don Olympic by BH Don Olymbrio x Del Piero. Rider: Anna Zibrandtsen
  • Ryvangs Damon Dione by Damon Hill NRW x Come Back II. Rider: Julie Dyrgaard
  • 1st reserve: Vestervangs Garson by De Noir x Ragazzo. Rider: Emma Ahlberg
  • 2nd reserve: Feldborgs Lantano by Tailormade Lancelot x Rendevous. Rider: Adam Olesen
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