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New concept for saddle grading in Denmark30-04-2020 - 12:52

When the young DWB mares enters the arena for this summer’s saddle gradings in Denmark, they will be met by a new and updated concept.

Most notable in this new concept is that the mares will no longer be ridden by a test rider as part of the evaluation.


The main points of the new concept:

  • The mares will no longer be ridden by a test rider. In later years it has been become clear that there is a very close correlation between the scores given by the judges and the test riders. On that account is has been decided to drop the test riders.
  • An increased focus on rideability and showing the young horses in a correct and age appropriate form and pace.
  • The scores from the test will in the future be calculated as a clear average of all the scores instead of as a weight calculation as has been the case so far. This will make the finale result more transparent.
  • The line-up is dropped and instead, each mare will receive comments and scores directly after the riding test, while the audience and judges still have the performance fresh in mind. The best mares of the day will be chosen for a Premium Ring from which Mare of the Day as well as mares selected for the Elite Mare Show will be chosen.


NADWA breeders will recognize parts of this new concept, as it is very much in line with the way mares have been saddle graded in the US for several years.

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